Helmsley Rashid International Limited would like to introduce AtomoDiagnostics easy to use HIV testing kit.

Enhancing Diagnostics Through Innovation

Atomo’s refreshing, user-centered approach to design, and willingness to reimagine what has gone before, has led it to create devices that are simpler to use and so help to prevent user errors common with standard multi-component diagnostic test kits.

The company is committed to transforming rapid diagnostic testing with innovative, all-in-one test devices that offer best-in-class performance and excellent usability.

Atomo is a specialist medical device design and original equipment manufacturing (OEM) company whose unique proprietary technologies promote ease-of-use, accuracy and safety. By putting the needs of the end user first, Atomo has won the respect of frontline healthcare providers worldwide and has garnered an impressive roster of awards and commendations.

Small drop of blood from finger
Only a small drop of blood is needed to get an accurate result. The lancet locks inside the device after use for safe disposal.

Easy blood collection
Collects exactly the right amount of blood, which is delivered to the test strip by simply rotating the blood collection unit.

Quick, clear results in 15 minutes
Test results are ready within 15 minutes and are easy to interpret. AtomoRapid makes point of care testing easier & more accurate.

Award-winning Australian innovation
This medical device innovator, headquartered in Sydney, Australia, is emerging as a global leader in the field of rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs). Since its formation in 2010, Atomo has grown rapidly to include direct sales offices in South Africa and the UK, and a network of distribution and commercialisation partners in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Designed for simplicity
Atomo’s device solutions have been designed specifically to address challenges associated with the use of standard RDTs in the field. This commitment to usability and simplicity in design means that Atomo’s test devices are easy to learn and teach and so are suitable for deployment in a variety of settings, including doctor’s rooms, pharmacies, community clinics and even the home.